Portland is for lovers

On our third day in Portland, the weather finally showed some mercy. Temperature in the fifties is rough for an Arizona gal, so even the 85 degree Portland air called for a jacket. I bundled up in the backseat of Shaili’s Prius as we drove to Portland State University for their weekend farmer’s market. Portland roads are relatively easy to navigate. I mean, if I’m being honest, nothing compares to Arizona highways, but Portland isn’t bad. Once we got there, we noticed the PSU brickyard buildings standing in sharp contrast to its green-leafed neighbors. Little clusters of (what I assume were) students walked around the beautiful campus. There were multicolored leaflets for various events caked on every visible post.

Of course, with all this novelty around us, we all failed to notice a couple walking in front of us, and we almost hit them. Luckily, we stopped quickly, veered forward, and instantly put our palms up and wore apologies on our faces. To my surprise, the lady in front of us did the same. She smiled generously, eyebrows prodded upwards. You could tell she was slightly chuckling. She was completely unfazed. And I think that was my biggest takeaway from the Portland trip. Everyone was so incredibly nice and sweet. There was an incredible amount of hospitality and kindness I felt there. Portland truly is for lovers!


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