An Annoyingly Serious Rant for Guy from Work

by Payel

The discussion I overheard today teemed with undertones of ill-informed, oversimplified, cheap heady arguments about mass shootings and muslims. Politics or not, perception is important—critical even. Policy cannot be implemented without a multi-dimensional understanding of the situation and the groups affected. Your ignorance wraps around my head as my INFP personality wrestles to see your point of view. Because the line between what’s appropriate to say at work and what’s worth saying at work regardless of whether or not I lose my job is still blurry, I kept mum. However, my rebuttal sat impatient at the tip of my tongue. I sat in my cubicle, reading article after article, thinkpiece after thinkpiece, hoping your ignorance is not nearly as pervasive and ubiquitous as I fear.

It seems that the world around you has diversified yet, clearly, you’ve made no attempt to leave your white-coated cave of privilege. So bye.