Happy Father’s Day!

by Payel

IMG_0644Dear Baba,

I really wish you were here today instead of 8000 miles away. I’m missing you so much! I take both you and mom for granted far too often. And being in this house all by myself is making me realize how much more grateful I ought to be.

Thank you for instilling such great values in my brother and me. Thank you for having such blind faith in all my endeavors. Thank you for pampering me so much. Thank you for putting my best interests before yours. Thank you for being so very patient and kind with me. Thank you for accepting me after all the tantrums and disagreements. Thank you for paying all of my overdraft fees, even today. Thank you for always showing up to everything I’ve ever done and gratuitously recording it all. Thank you for teaching me through your actions what it means to be a good human being. I have a long way to go, but I’m slightly less anxious because of you.

You’re the best! Happy dad day, baba!