Day 1:

Somehow, a five and a half-hour trip to San Diego turned into a seven-hour trip due to overactive bladders and voluminous appetites. But to me, that was a blessing. I embraced each and every pit stop and each and every traffic jam. It’s not that I was particularly uninterested in going to San Diego. In fact, I’m always excited for a change of scenery and doubly excited to see old friends. Yet, right as we crossed the California/Arizona border, my mind flipped, and I longed for my bed.

Now that we’re all finally here and our initial excitement has simmered down, the atmosphere has suddenly become very banal. We’re all at different stages in our life despite being only a year or two apart. And with the toddlers around, we haven’t had the time to embrace the hearty, soul-warming chicken soup talk that usually follows such reunions. And with the ever so ubiquitous nature of smartphones, we all seem to be consumed in our social network lives. It’s almost as though we’re living inside of our phones and our outer shells are controlling us with little rectangular pieces of aluminum.

It’s funny to think that about ten years ago, we would have made the most out of these infrequent visits to do the most imaginative things possible. Now it seems like we have all become codependent on things such as phones, drugs, and/or alcohol. I asked Tinni what we could do, and she suggested smoking marijuana with her friends or seeing the shroom mountains, which are essentially giant graffitied rocks. I’m not judging those choices by any means. I’m just saying that maybe there are more inclusive activities we can partake in considering this is a family trip. Ugh I just want to go try coffee places and am bitter that that mini dream will not be realized during this trip.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that everything takes a little time to get into the groove of (or something like that). So, I’ll probably enjoy this by the time we leave. I’ll keep you posted.


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