Because New York Didn’t Happen

When I was just a month shy of turning 16, my parents promised me a trip to New York City. Before I could even start jumping up and down in joy, I found myself strapped in the back seat of our van, being driven to San Francisco. I knew that the right thing to do as a sweet 16-year old was to throw a nasty tantrum about the repulsiveness of replacing NYC with San Fran, but I got a surprise birthday party out of it from my friends who lived there, so I really had nothing to complain about. And I thought, “Hey, there’s always next year!”

But that coveted New York trip was swept swiftly under the rug year after year without even a dollop of consideration put into to it until it finally and legitimately started to materialize this summer. But, lo and behold, it got postponed…yet again. And as a 20-year old, I was really able to deliver that long overdue tantrum. All my bitching and whining led to a generous replacement (note: I am being generous with my use of the word “generous”). In its place, we are now taking a trip to Four Corners.

For those of you who don’t know what Four Corners is (like myself), it’s basically the “corner” where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico intersect. I guess it’s kind of cool because you can look like an idiot trying to play twister in order to be in all four places at once (just google Four Corners; you will not be disappointed, I promise). And as an added bonus, I think we’re also visiting a few canyons. Canyons in Arizona…what a novelty. Okay, I hate to come off as such a sourpuss, because I know I end up sounding like a total cliché then when I tell people I want to travel. But, to put it simply, I just don’t have a care in the world about what Arizona has to offer. Arizona is probably near the bottom of my list of places I’d like to visit. And living in it could have something to do with it.

Nonetheless, I am getting really giddy about finally cracking open that new journal that Antora bought me for my birthday. I’m pretty sure she saw me eyeing it for a good ten minutes at World Market. In fact, I’m pretty sure I very specifically pointed it out to her and told her I’d buy it if I weren’t broke. Man, I make gift giving so easy for my friends. But, anyhow, I will try and make good use of my time, journal, and camera while I try to keep track of which canyon I am looking at.



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