I found another cockroach!

There are a few very valuable things I learned about what to expect when you’re looking for a house or have just moved into one. And since I’m not doing anything at work, here are my top five tips:

1. Be aware of cockroaches. This is probably the number one thing I would advise anyone about. I don’t think I’ve ever researched cockroaches so thoroughly up until the point where I found the tenth cockroach lying face up right in front of the door to my room.

2. Be very wary of other inhabitants living in the house that might sneak up on you. See: cockroaches. They have a way of seeping in and out of the smallest of cracks in the house. And from what I read online (from the one site that was run by a pest control company whose business-savvy scare tactics were very effective on me), the cockroaches you see are the ones that simply become overcrowded and have to leave their burrows. Essentially, that means get the fuck out of your roach-infested house.

3. Bug-repellant for the cockroaches. Always have one by your side. It’s a good thing that I’ve complained about the roaches to my friends so much that they’ve been supplying me with bug spray to shut me up.

4. A cheap house is great, but guess what one of the biggest downsides is? You guessed it! Motherfuckin’ cockroaches.

5. Make sure you have a really good landlord for when you need to call him and cry about the cockroaches.

I hope this serves as a very educational guide to helping anyone find their perfect house. You’re welcome.


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