Two decades and counting!

I’m finally 20, bitches!!! And I feel about half as mature as I felt when I was half that age. But, damn! TWENTY! That means a quarter of my life is over. That’s something to celebrate, right? Where’s my damn cake? But, what have I even done in the past two decades, because I feel like my biggest accomplishment is that breakfast and lunch are now two distinguishable meals for me, whereas even a few months ago, I was waking up at noon and having brunch. And I’m not going to lie. The sunlight is pretty nice. I actually appreciate it…even on the weekends. If that isn’t adulthood, I don’t know what is.

As a fresh 20-year old, I’ve decided that I’m going to jump onto the already overcrowded bandwagon of blogging in order to document the next ten years of my life as a full-fledged adult. And I also have this crazy fear that I’ll develop Alzheimer’s at a ridiculously premature age and have turrets or something, so I feel the need to record every little thing down so I’ll know that I was somewhat sane at a point in my life. And also, aren’t the twenties supposed to be the best ten years of your life? Isn’t it supposed to be that window of time when you’re excused for being a total selfish asshole because you’re too busy “figuring” yourself out? Sign me up for that! Honestly, though, I feel like it’s been so glamorized that if I don’t sleep with, at least, ten men from around the world (preferably a smattering from Spain) when I go backpacking at some point within the next ten years, I will be extremely disappointed and will know, once and for all, that your twenties are totally overrated and that life is unfair (and also that backpacking around the world is completely pointless).

I really do hope I have worthwhile things to say and do in the next few years because as of right now, my one definitive goal is to legitimately fill up this blog. And, as of right now, the only thing I see myself doing in ten years is deeply regretting my blog name. So, let’s hope I don’t regret the content.

I have absolutely no solid plans for the future, but maybe that’s for the better. Having low to no expectations means I’ll automatically feel successful no matter what I end up doing. Clearly, I’ve thought this through. I’m setting myself up to win. See, I’m already so wise at twenty! This will be great!


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